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Orange County Foster Care Network

Adoption through Foster Care

Typically, foster parents are given first preference when a foster child who resides in their home becomes freed for adoption. For families who are interested in adopting young children (under age eight), it is much more likely that a child will be placed with you for foster care before one is identified for you to adopt. Since foster families adopt approximately 85 percent of the children who become freed for adoption, foster care is an attractive option for many families.

Potential benefits of Adoption through Foster Care:

  • Foster parents adopt approximately 85% of children who become available for adoption.
  • Foster parents may receive placements of young children and/or infants and are generally given first preference if they are subsequently freed for adoption.

Important points to consider:

  • Foster families must be willing to work with the agency and the birth family.
  • The child may return to his or her birth family.

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