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Orange County Foster Care Network

Meet Jacob...

Age 11

Jacob is an active 11 year old boy who has a wonderful smile and a twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes that could win over anyone's heart. He loves to be outdoors with friends playing basketball, swimming, and fishing. Jacob is thoughtful and caring, and likes helping people with daily chores. He can be very quiet and shy when first introduced to new people. However, if one shows patience and spends time with him, he is capable of forming strong, trusting relationships. Jacob attends school in an ungraded program. School work can be difficult for Jacob and causes him stress, so a small classroom setting where he gets a lot of adult attention is best for him. Jacob has a brother who is being planned for separately. A family should be aware Jacob has regular visits with his brother and would like to continue visits after he is adopted. It is felt Jacob would do well with an experienced family who can provide structure and support. A forever family who will give him love and nurturance so he will be able to succeed and grow.

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